Continued:  I am often asked which form of work do I enjoy doing most.  I can’t honestly say that I enjoy working in one form over the other.  On the one hand, my abstract work allows me the freedom to work outside the box and not be confined to creating an image which should look like something we are familiar with.  On the other, my representational work challenges me to be more accurate in my effort to create that which is familiar, plus it challenges me to do so while retaining the style of my abstract work.  So, both forms appeal to me in different but equally enjoyable ways.  I am also often asked what inspires me and influences my work.  On one level, I’m inspired by the work of extremely talented artists who I’ve had the pleasure to meet and become friends with over the years.  On another level, I’m influenced by the experiences of my multi-cultural heritage and by the experiences I’ve gained from having lived in numerous Asian countries.  As a result, I somehow take and blend these all together on a sub-conscious level to create the artwork you see in this website.  Most important though, I give all the praise and glory to God for bestowing upon me the artistic talent which I endeavor to use for His kingdom purposes.

In closing:  Although everyone’s computer and monitor are different, I do hope you are able to enjoy my artwork in all the colors and textures I have made the effort to present it in.  Of course, there is no substitute to seeing my work in person--its full impact is truly realized when viewed in its original size and in canvas format. I will keep you posted (through the “What’s New” section of the website) as to when and where I’ll be showing my work next, and hope you’ll have the opportunity to see my artwork for yourself. 

If you have any comments about my artwork or website you’d like to share with me, have an interest in purchasing any of my work or you would just like to talk about art in general, please drop me a line.  Thank you once again for taking the time to visit my website and I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork. 


“Sometimes the answers we seek are most clearly heard

when we listen in silence.” -mbh-

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