I’m glad you’ve taken the time to visit my website and I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork. I tried especially hard to present all of my work in a format which not only offers the best view possible, but hopefully, also allows  you to experience my artwork as if it were right there in front of you.

About my artworkI continually strive to create artwork which is unique not only visually, but also unique in the way the viewer is drawn into and allowed to interact with and interpret it on a personal level.  This especially applies to the majority of my work which tends to be more abstract than representational in form.  Here, the title of the work is not meant to narrowly define and dictate to the viewer what he or she is suppose to see, but rather, the title is meant to serve as a loose framework within which the viewer is free to see and interpret the work as they experience it.  In essence, there is no right or wrong to what the viewer sees, and where one might see an animal or human form, another might see a plant or something totally different--trust me, I’ve heard some pretty imaginative interpretations!  In contrast, my more representational work does not lend itself to being viewed and interpreted as freely.  Here, the relationship between the title of the work and the work itself is tighter with the title serving as a prompt to what is being viewed.  The challenge for me is to take the techniques, characteristics and style used in my abstract work, and apply them to more realistic and recognizable subject matter in an effort to successfully create the same artistic and visual experience for the viewer.       

Regardless of the form, all of my work essentially starts off and is created in the same manner--a pencil sketch or “doodle” is created and subsequently digitized, then I digitally paint and build successive layers of elements upon it to create the particular composition and image I am envisioning  (some of my work is composed of as many as 1,500 layers).  The use of color, texture and abstract shapes play important roles in all of my work.  By adding in shadows and a sense of depth throughout, one is often able to see that individual elements and the composition overall exhibits a unique 3-D visual effect--I really enjoy watching people as they try to look around and behind some of the elements in my works, or actually even try to lift them from the canvas!  I consider the printing of my composition as the final step in the creative process, and the print itself the completed new work.         




Something To Think About

“Its not about the final destination but the journey you take getting there.” -Unknown-