Purchasing My Artwork

Continued:  The best way to determine the size print you want to order is to first take a look at the space where you want to place the work, then determine the “critical” dimension (width or height) you have to work with--in some cases, people find that for the space they have to use, the “critical” dimension represents the measurement which can’t be exceeded in either width or height.  In other cases people find that a “critical” dimension exists both in width and height for the area they want to use.  When you place your purchase order, tell me the “critical” dimension(s) (width, height or both) you have to work with and I’ll tell you what the work will scale to.  I will ensure you know this prior to the finalizing of your purchase order. 

One final important thing to take into account when determining the size of your print--the size frame you plan to put your print in.  Generally, the frame can add as much as an additional 2-4 inches in size to each side of your print.  For example, if you have a 24” x 30” print and want to use 2” framing around it, the overall dimensions of the print you want to hang will now be 28” x 34”.  Will this fit in the space you want to hang it?  So be sure to always take into account the size frame you want to use in relation to the space you have available.  If possible, the “critical” dimension(s) you tell me when ordering your print(s), should already have the size of the frame to be used factored in

  1.    Print PricesDue to the ability of having my artwork scaled either up or down from its original size to meet your requirements, it would be impossible for me to list the prices for all the potential non-standard size prints which might be requested.  As previously mentioned much of my work is already in a non-standard size and therefore, will in all likelihood also scale to a non-standard size.  However, if it is a standard size you want, I will try my best to provide you a print in that size.  Once I know what size the print scales to, I can then quote you a price.

  1.    Refunds/Replacement PrintsIf upon receipt of your print you find that it has been damaged by shipping, or that it is found to have a printing defect, simply return the print to me stating the nature of the damage or defect, and I’ll either fix it or send you a replacement print at no charge--NO MONETARY REFUNDS WILL BE MADE

If you have any questions concerning a purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Even if you’re not looking to make a purchase now, I’d still enjoy talking with you about my artwork or about art in general.