Purchasing My Artwork

GREAT...you’re thinking of making a purchase!  I promise you won’t be disappointed if you do decide to purchase any of my work.  All of the artwork you see in the galleries is available in practically any size you desire.  What you’ll be getting is Digital Fine Art professionally produced using the highest quality materials.  Each print is a numbered limited edition print hand-signed by the artist (me), and comes with a certificate of authenticity. All prints are produced on either high quality canvas (for work larger than 11” x 14”) or archival quality art paper (generally for work 11” x 14” and smaller although canvas can be used as well if you desire).

Your purchase will be shipped via 3-5 day delivery and postage is free for up to (3) pieces if the work is being mailed to an address within the continental U.S., Alaska or Hawaii.  For other than U.S. destinations, I’ll discuss shipping options with you (via e-mail or telephone) and the cost will be added to your purchase price. 

Presently, I am not able to accept any form of payment for your purchase other than a certified check, money order or other similar form of remittance--if you live in or are visiting Honolulu, HI payment by cash is another option.  I’m sorry for this inconvenience and hope to have a “PayPal” type option available for you in the near future. 

Once I’ve received your payment, your purchase should arrive within 2-3 weeks.  As long as I have an e-mail address for you, I’ll keep you informed every step along the way starting from when I receive your payment, to when your purchase is shipped.  Here is some additional information you’ll find useful: 

  1.     Prints: All artwork is printed on high quality canvas or archival quality art papers using a Roland D’Vinci or Roland Hi-Fi Jet printer.  Only 100% pigmented inks are used and a water-based UV inhibitor topcoat is applied to all canvas prints. Prints can be produced in sizes ranging from 5” x 6” to 30” x 40” and larger.  Unless otherwise requested, a 2” white border is placed on all prints 16” x 20” and larger; and a 1/2”-1.5” white border is placed on all smaller sized prints.  All prints are shipped without a frame or mounting.

  1.    Ordering: You can either send me an e-mail: maurice.hutchinson@mac.com or contact me by telephone at (808) 271-9230 to place your order.  Payment for your purchase should be sent to: Maurice Hutchinson, 824 Ocean View Drive, Honolulu, HI 96816.  Remember, at this time the only form of payment I can accept is a money order, certified check or other similar form of payment (payment in cash is also another option if you live in or are visiting Honolulu, HI). 

  1.     Print Durability: With the proper care and precautions, your Digital Fine Art print will last your lifetime and longer.  Simply treat your print just as you would any other fine art painting, with special attention being paid to not hanging it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight over a constant and/or prolonged period of time.  Additionally, never dry-mount your canvas print using any method involving the application of heat; and when framing/mounting your paper print, include a glass/plexi-glass covering (the paper surface is not as durable as the canvas one). 

  1.    Print Size:  When you place your purchase order, don’t forget to tell me the size(s) you’d like.  As I mentioned earlier, all work can be produced in virtually any size.  However, as the majority of my work doesn’t necessarily always conform to standard sizes, when it is scaled up or down to meet your requirements the end result may not exactly match your request--at most, there may be a 1”-2” variance (up or down) in either the width or height measurement.  For example, you may request a print to be 24” x 30” in the size.  However, in order to maintain the proper proportions of the work, the resultant dimensions after it is scaled may turn out to be 22.6” x 30”.  Within the Gallery section of the website, the original dimensions of each work are indicated above its “Stand-Alone” view.